Reading Material for People with Dementia

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  • Omelet? Stack of pancakes? No, it’s Kellogg’s® Corn Flakes®. Bring on the milk! This crisp success story never gets soggy.
  • Do you remember lining up with your classmates in the school gym for a vaccination? If so, we’re sure you’ll prefer reading and discussing this story about Louis Pasteur and his lifesaving discoveries.
  • No, this story isn’t about little green men. It’s about little green (red, yellow and brown) candies. Discover the origins of M&M’s® in this tasty tale of the chocolaty treat’s inventor, Forrest Mars.
  • This timeless story inspired a major Broadway musical. This brief account of one of the Old Testament’s most colorful characters will inspire rich discussion.
  • Did you know that the inventor of the frozen pizza patented her dough and turned down a buyout offer of $16 million? America's favorite food is also a favorite topic of discussion!
  • Did you know that the original recipe for chocolate chip cookies was discovered by mistake? Reading about and discussing these classic treats is almost as much fun as eating them.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! This brief account of the well-known Bible story is both thought-provoking and engaging. Your group will enjoy reading and discussing this story's timeless messages. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • Painter, inventor, musician, engineer, scientist, philosopher... Find out surprising facts about the quintessential Renaissance man.
  • MGM's chief, Louis B. Mayer, once called Mickey Rooney "a goldmine." Your group will enjoy learning more about this beloved actor.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! This story is about America's favorite playground for grownups. From blackjack tables to all-you-can-eat buffets, your group will enjoy sharing adventures (and misadventures) from Vegas. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • It started as an idea that came up during a dinner party in France. This story of the Statue of Liberty is loaded with interesting and amazing facts for your group to ponder and discuss.
  • Whether it’s enjoyed as a salad, side dish, dessert or drink, JELL-O® is ever popular. You’ll find this brief history of this culinary classic as fascinating as it is colorful.