First globally recognized Montessori CMDCP certification!

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Our company is led and staffed by internationally-known research scientists in the field of aging. Our methods are based on sound scientific principles and our staff has the knowledge to translate those principles into real world benefits not just for residents, but also for facility workers and owners. We understand the individual with dementia in a way that most other companies cannot, because we did the original research.  Our methods work, and we can prove it.  

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Community Credentialing

A Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® Credentialed Community is a seamless, symbiotic combination of your residents and your facility — where residents and staff have a shared investment in creating an environment that goes beyond industry standard expectations across the long-term care market.

Communities that have become credentialed have more engaged residents, more satisfied families, and employees that stay longer. They also win awards for their innovative programming, quality of care, improved outcomes, and community outreach.

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ICCDP announces a new global Montessori certification, CMDCP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional for health care professionals.

ICCDP collaborated with the Center for Applied Research CARD and Dr. Cameron Camp to bring a fantastic person centered Montessori course designed for health care professionals working with older adults who have a diagnosis of dementia.

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Bring The Original Montessori for Dementia Training® to your staff with live, on-site (or virtual) training.

Give your team the opportunity to discover how a Montessori approach applies to their role as care providers, how to create community, and how to work together to make residents’ lives more meaningful and engaging.

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We are working together with our colleagues around the world to bring free informational virtual discussions to the public.

For a list of upcoming events, please visit the events pages on the Monarch Pathways website, or on our Facebook page.