Montessori-based approaches to dementia care have been researched for over 20 years by Dr. Cameron Camp and his colleagues. It has been shown to increase levels of engagement and participation in activities of persons with dementia.

The Original Montessori for Dementia Training® team can conduct live, on-site training for your staff. Your team members can have the opportunity to discover how a Montessori approach applies to their role, how to create community, and how to work together to make residents’ lives more meaningful and engaging. With concrete examples, discussions, and hands-on support, your staff will gain skills and confidence to give residents more choice, independence, and freedom safely.

Assisted Living, Home Health, and Long-Term Care Administrators can take advantage of this opportunity to have:

  • More engagement and satisfaction in your residents’ lives
  • Happier employees that stay longer

  • Family members that look forward to visits

  • And neighbors lining up to move into your care community

Live Training for Credentialed Communities


Recognizing the impact of Covid-19 on long term care providers, we are now able to offer live training virtually through Zoom. Your team can gather together, either in your facility or from their home computers, and benefit from interactive, engaging instruction from one of our experts. Contact Vince Antenucci at today to discuss how we can accommodate your needs and support your goals.

Visit our online training page for more information about webinars and online training.

Online Courses

Sample Training Seminars Include

  • Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®: Montessori Based Dementia Programming® (MIL:MBDP) – 2 days, 12 hours

    An innovative method of working with older adults living with cognitive and/or physical impairments based on the method and philosophy of famed educator Maria Montessori. Participants in this course will learn the basic principles of MIL, along with how to adapt this programming to fit the needs of their clients and facilities. Participants may choose to attend only the first day for an overview of MIL or both days for a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience in using and adapting MIL to specific clients, activities and environments. Participants will learn cutting edge principles and techniques designed and proven to enable individuals with memory loss, resulting from Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, to engage in meaningful activities throughout the day, function to their fullest potential, and live as independently as possible.

  • Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®: Shaping a Montessori Community (MIL:SMC) – 2 days, 12 hours

    This two-day workshop is designed as an advanced training course for persons who previously have attended the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®: Montessori Based Dementia Programming®, though it will be relevant and useful for persons who have not had previous training in this area. The aim of the workshop is to equip participants with knowledge and tools to commence the implementation of a Montessori community in their workplace or organization, and to create a place where they themselves would want to live.

  • Memory Interventions for Enhancing Independence: Spaced Retrieval (SR) – 1 day, 6 hours

    Gain expertise in this technique designed to help individuals use remaining abilities to overcome challenges of memory loss to achieve therapy goals and improve quality of life. Spaced Retrieval can be implemented in a variety of settings by caregivers, therapists, and health care staff. Spaced-Retrieval (SR) intervention gives individuals practice at successfully recalling information over progressively longer intervals of time. The goal of SR is to enable individuals with cognitive impairments to learn and retain personally-relevant information to improve functioning, health and wellbeing. SR has been used successfully as a rehabilitation technique by professionals and lay persons in a variety of professions and settings. Participants in this course will learn the principles of the Spaced Retrieval technique, and how to begin applying SR to benefit persons with cognitive disabilities.

  • Use of Specific Measures and Tools, Such As:

Staff that attend select seminars and workshops may earn CEUs from professional boards, including administrators, nursing staff, activity professionals, therapy professionals, and more. Staff that complete the MIL:MBDP course may be eligible to become a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional from ICCDP. Contact us for a current list of approved CEUs or for more information on CMDCP certification.

Pathway to Credentialing

Elect to have the 2-day Montessori-Inspired Lifestyle®: Montessori Based Dementia Programming® training conducted by our internationally recognized experts, and “champions” of your staff will be identified to maintain and disseminate the culture change within your organization.

This is the first step to becoming a Montessori-Inspired Lifestyle® Credentialed Community. If you want to pursue credentialing, the next steps include:

  • Monthly phone calls to discuss and review your action plan, and to address any challenges or concerns, and a support for responsive behaviors.
  • Additional site visits for observation and feedback, as well as additional review and development of your action plans.
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Live Training for Credentialed Communities

For more evidence behind a Montessori approach to dementia care, view the data presented on our Why Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® Training page, or check back for a full list our publications for studies showing the positive benefits of this approach (coming soon).

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