• Can it!

    New Reading Roundtable® Series! Cans have been around a long time, but they have changed quite a bit. This story about this time-honored invention will bring back fond memories. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • If it's 1879 and you own a rowdy saloon, how do you keep track of your money? By inventing the cash register, of course! You’ll discover the lively origins of the machine dubbed, “The Incorruptible Cashier.”
  • Don’t you love it when the hero of a story prevails against overwhelming odds? This brief retelling of the well-know story of David and Goliath will be sure to evoke heroic memories.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! It was an annual ritual for many of us: Loading the family into the station wagon for a summertime adventure. This story about popular vacation destinations will bring back lots of happy memories. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • Did you know that this star of Singin' in the Rain almost became a lawyer instead of going into show business? Your group will love reminiscing about the great musicals of the silver screen.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! The milkman, rotary phones, house calls...  How many things that once were part of our lives are no longer? This amusing story will be sure to create lively discussion. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® Activity Starter Kits are designed to be interesting, meaningful and engaging for one-on-one or group activity. Activity Starter Kit 1 is especially designed for persons in early to moderate stages of cognitive disability. This kit includes high quality, durable printed materials for reading, discussing and learning about interesting and remarkable people, places, animals and plants. These activities encourage conversation and reminiscence. Activities include Seven Wonders of the Modern World, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Interesting Plants and Animals, Influential Artists and Entertainers, and Nutrition through the Ages. Click here to download instructions for Activity Starter Kit 1. A free video demonstration of this activity kit is available at
  • Do you know someone who ever dreamed of being an actress or a princess? Grace Kelly was both! Glamour, romance, tragedy… this story has it all.
  • What does our 16th president have in common with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell? They all received U.S. patents for their inventions. You’ll enjoy reading and discussing this lesser-known story about Abraham Lincoln.
  • Did you know that basketball was first called “duck on a rock?” Learn all about this sport’s humble beginnings in this fascinating story of its inventor, John Naismith.
  • Whether it’s enjoyed as a salad, side dish, dessert or drink, JELL-O® is ever popular. You’ll find this brief history of this culinary classic as fascinating as it is colorful.
  • It started as an idea that came up during a dinner party in France. This story of the Statue of Liberty is loaded with interesting and amazing facts for your group to ponder and discuss.