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  • What happens when an 11-year-old boy mixes up a sweet drink and, instead of drinking it right away, leaves it outside overnight? Find out in this delightful story about America’s classic frozen treat, the Popsicle®.
  • Activities for Caregivers and their Loved Ones with Memory Impairments, Paperback Edition This manual was made especially for family members of individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other diseases or injuries that affect memory. Included are ideas and instructions for 42 engaging and purposeful activities that will bring new enjoyment to family visits.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! What happened to Amelia Earhart?  This is one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th Century. The famous aviator's life and times continue to fascinate and inspire. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • Who doesn’t like to unwind in a comfortable chair in front of the television, perhaps with a cold beverage? Find out how the La-Z-Boy® Recliner helped to establish this favorite American pastime.
  • Can it!

    New Reading Roundtable® Series! Cans have been around a long time, but they have changed quite a bit. This story about this time-honored invention will bring back fond memories. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • If it's 1879 and you own a rowdy saloon, how do you keep track of your money? By inventing the cash register, of course! You’ll discover the lively origins of the machine dubbed, “The Incorruptible Cashier.”
  • Treevall® Word Game - Women in History is a highly engaging group activity. Treevall® plays like standard bingo, but involves completing a familiar name, such as "Eleanor....Roosevelt." Interesting facts and discussion questions make this a uniquely entertaining and social group experience. For up to 10 players. Each Treevall® Word Game set includes:
    • 10 unique 11" x 17" game boards. Each board reveals eight out of a total of eighteen (18) names (ANSWERS).
    • 18 cards with clues and answers (4.25" x 11"). On the front of each card is the half of a well known historical woman's name (the "CLUE"). On the back of the card is the second part of the name (the "ANSWER"), along with fun and interesting facts and questions for discussion.
    • 3" x 5" blank white index cards.
    Treevall® products are made in the U.S.A. of high-quality, durable materials. Players may use the included index cards to cover words as they are called. Cover cards may also be cut from color card stock. Complete instructions may be downloaded by clicking here. Be sure to join our email list for news and updates about the latest Treevall® Word Game releases!
  • Don’t you love it when the hero of a story prevails against overwhelming odds? This brief retelling of the well-know story of David and Goliath will be sure to evoke heroic memories.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! It was an annual ritual for many of us: Loading the family into the station wagon for a summertime adventure. This story about popular vacation destinations will bring back lots of happy memories. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • Did you know that this star of Singin' in the Rain almost became a lawyer instead of going into show business? Your group will love reminiscing about the great musicals of the silver screen.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! The milkman, rotary phones, house calls...  How many things that once were part of our lives are no longer? This amusing story will be sure to create lively discussion. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • 10 copies each of Cookie, Pizza, Kelly, Liberty, Rooney and DaVinci.
  • 10 copies each of Joseph, Abe, Chilling, Hurt, Mars and Slam Dunk.
  • 10 copies each of Breakfast, Jell-o, Recline, David, Grace and Cashing.
  • Buy now and save $60 on 10 copies of all six new titles! 60 books in all!
    • Noah and the Ark
    • Can it!
    • Going, Going, Gone
    • Amazing Amelia Earhart
    • Las Vegas: Glitter and Gambling
    • Family Vacations
    Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • Do you know someone who ever dreamed of being an actress or a princess? Grace Kelly was both! Glamour, romance, tragedy… this story has it all.
  • Hiding the Stranger in the Mirror: A Detective’s Manual for Solving Problems Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, by Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., Published by the Center for Applied Research in Dementia

    Writing with wit and compassion, Dr. Camp aims to help his audience better understand how the disease affects memory, and how memory loss may affect behavior. Going against conventional “wisdom,” the author stresses that the key to successfully caring for persons with dementia is to focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses­­­­ – to see the person and not a disease. His entertaining and insightful book examines cases based on real individuals to illustrate common challenging behaviors and how to approach these challenges. Readers are given tools and resources to understand why persons with dementia do what they do, to help them solve their own “cases,” and, more importantly, they are given a more hopeful way of thinking about Alzheimer’s disease and those who live with it. “We are not helpless in the face of Alzheimer’s disease and associated illnesses. We can best care for ourselves and our loved ones with dementia by embracing the humanity that exists, and has always existed, within each other.” (Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., from the Author’s Preface to Hiding the Stranger in the Mirror)   This publication is also available in French, German, and Italian.
  • What does our 16th president have in common with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell? They all received U.S. patents for their inventions. You’ll enjoy reading and discussing this lesser-known story about Abraham Lincoln.
  • Did you know that basketball was first called “duck on a rock?” Learn all about this sport’s humble beginnings in this fascinating story of its inventor, John Naismith.
  • Whether it’s enjoyed as a salad, side dish, dessert or drink, JELL-O® is ever popular. You’ll find this brief history of this culinary classic as fascinating as it is colorful.
  • It started as an idea that came up during a dinner party in France. This story of the Statue of Liberty is loaded with interesting and amazing facts for your group to ponder and discuss.
  • New Reading Roundtable® Series! This story is about America's favorite playground for grownups. From blackjack tables to all-you-can-eat buffets, your group will enjoy sharing adventures (and misadventures) from Vegas. Reading Roundtable® Activity Booklets are designed for engagement and reminiscence.
  • MGM's chief, Louis B. Mayer, once called Mickey Rooney "a goldmine." Your group will enjoy learning more about this beloved actor.
  • Painter, inventor, musician, engineer, scientist, philosopher... Find out surprising facts about the quintessential Renaissance man.