We envision a new paradigm of care in which persons diagnosed with dementia are viewed as individuals with lives worth living. Within this new paradigm, abilities, interests and preferences will be respected, encouraged and maximized.

A Different visit


The Center for Applied Research in Dementia presents ideas to help people with dementia live a meaningful and engaging life. 

Click the image above to visit our video channel, which features our 8-minute presentation, "A Different Visit." 

Effective Memory Interventions


The Center for Applied Research in Dementia creates effective memory interventions.

These interventions take many forms and are customized to the needs of those we serve.

For activities programming to staff training to working with families we have a solution to meet your needs.


Hiding the Stranger

HidingTheStrangerWriting with wit and compassion, Dr. Camp aims to help his audience better understand how the disease affects memory, and how memory loss may affect behavior. Going against conventional “wisdom,” the author stresses that the key to successfully caring for persons with dementia is to focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses­­­­ – to see the person and not a disease. His entertaining and insightful book examines cases based on real individuals to illustrate common challenging behaviors and how to approach these challenges. Readers are given tools and resources to understand why persons with dementia do what they do, to help them solve their own “cases,” and, more importantly, they are given a more hopeful way of thinking about Alzheimer's disease and those who live with it.

“We are not helpless in the face of dementia. We can best care for ourselves and our loved ones with dementia by embracing the humanity that exists, and has always existed, within each other.” (Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., from the Author’s Preface to Hiding the Stranger in the Mirror)

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Hiding The Stranger
Hiding the Stranger in
the Mirror



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InstructionalVideosLearn how to share meaningful time with people with dementia

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Books And ManualsResources for Improving quality of life for people with memory loss

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Reading MaterialReading materials for persons with dementia


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