We would like you to have a positive experience with our online course. To ensure smooth progress through the lessons, we recommend the following tips.

  • Make sure you have completed the ICCDP application for course only or certification before attempting to enroll in the course.

  • View the course at a location with fast internet service (and wi-fi signal) using a preferred browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). We recommend closing all other applications, programs, or windows.

  • Watch the first module in the course titled “How to Navigate this Course” in its entirety.

  • Use the navigation controls within the module window instead of your browser. DO NOT hit the back button – doing so may lock your course which will require resetting your account and retaking completed modules. Be sure to close the window as indicated after each module is finished to enable data to be saved.

  • If you encounter any issues, look for a solution in the table below.


The course modules and content are accessed via the Learning Portal at https://cen4ard.inquisiqr4.com/. This section addresses the sign in and enrollment process.

My password is not working. The ICCDP (application) password is different from the CARD (coursework) password.

Are you using the ICCDP password for the CARD course? If so, use the link listed in the application approval email and create a log in password for the course. Make sure you register using the same name. If you are still unable to sign in to the course, contact CARD.

I have created an account and signed in, and paid, but it’s showing payment is required. Did you make the payment for course at CARD in addition to the ICCDP application fee? Check your receipt amount to determine if both fees have been paid. The CMDCP individual application is $130.00 USD and the course fee is $125.00 USD.
Note: these fees are different for the Grandfather, Corporate, or Renewal options.
Someone else from my organization is enrolled in the course. Can we share a username and take the course together? NO. Every individual must complete an application form and create a unique username and password for both ICCDP (certification application) and CARD (course access).
I am only taking the course without seeking certification. Do I still need to apply through ICCDP? YES. Everyone must complete an application at www.iccdp.net/montessori-application/step_1.php
If you are taking the course only, select “Take Montessori Dementia Care online 6-hr course only – not seeking certification” and pay only the course fee.

For members of participating groups and associations

My payment at cen4ard.com is showing “processing” This may happen if you made a purchase on our site before. Clearing your browser cookies/cache, or using an incognito tab can help. You can also send a message to vince@cen4ard.com to find out if your payment was processed.
I am a member of a participating association. How do I pay for the course? After completing your application at ICCDP, you will receive an email with a link where you can pay for the course here at cen4ard.com.

After your payment is processed, you will be automatically enrolled in the course in the Learning Portal. More information will arrive via email for you to find the course at https://cen4ard.inquisiqr4.com/. Your username and password will be the ones you created at the time of course purchase at cen4ard.com.

If you have not received the email from ICCDP after applying for certification, or the email from CARD after completing your purchase, be sure to check your spam folder. If it is not there, contact iccdpcorporate@iccdp.net for certification information or info@cen4ard.com for course access information.

***NOTE: If you already had an account linked to your email in the Learning Portal, the course will be added to that account, and you will need to use your previously created username and password. You can reset your password at the Learning Portal sign-in prompt, or send an email to info@cen4ard.com for username help.***

I work for a company that is paying for my course. How do I enroll? Step 1 – Your group administrator will provide you with a username and password to complete a certification application at iccdp.net.

Step 2 – Your group administrator will provide you with a coupon code to use during enrollment, along with instructions to enroll and start the course. Each code has a limited number of uses, so you should not share it with anyone.

If you have not received any of these items, please contact your group administrator.


If you are having trouble viewing modules within the Learning Portal, look in this section for possible solutions.

The course lessons are not unlocking even after I complete the previous lesson. Try the following:

a)     refresh your screen [control f5].

b)     Be sure cookies are enabled

c)     Try another web browser (Google Chrome [recommended], Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc).

If these do not work, it may be a poor internet connection. Try again when the connection is better or try from a different location with a better internet connection.

Videos won’t play or are taking a long time to buffer Try the following:

a)     refresh your screen [control f5].

b)     Be sure cookies are enabled

c)     Try another web browser (Google Chrome [recommended], Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc).

If these do not work, it may be a poor internet connection. Try again when the connection is better or try from a different location with a better internet connection.

Sometimes the slides can take some time to reload. As the slides are buffering, you can try moving the slide bar forward and back, and then click “stop,” and then “play,” this often will get the audio to start.

If you continue to encounter issues, you can fast forward or skip a slide within a module (click on a new slide in the menu), then go back later to review any missed slides.

Typically, when you experience repeated buffering, it has to do with your Internet speed. It can also result from a technical problem with the content provider (CARD) or your internet service provider (ISP), but it also can occur when too many devices are using your internet connection at the same time.


This section addresses what you can expect upon completing the course, including questions regarding CMDCP certification from ICCDP.

How much time do I have to complete the course? You have 30 days from the date the approval letter is sent to complete the course to meet certification requirements. If you do not complete the course in 30 days, you will have to restart the application at ICCDP and lose your application fee.
I finished the course. Where’s my certificate? After passing the exam and completing the evaluation, you will then be able to download a certificate of completion immediately from the course site. This visual guide will show you where your certificate can be found.
I tried to save my certificate, but it is blank. To save your certificate to your computer, be sure to use a “print to pdf” option, which saves the document as a pdf file. Alternatively, you can print it normally to a printer and then scan it. If you need support, send an email to info@cen4ard.com and allow up to 2 business days for a reply.
I finished the course. Am I certified now? If you chose the CMDCP certification option when you signed up at ICCDP, they will email send you an evaluation to complete. CARD notifies them automatically, so you should watch your inbox for a message from ICCDP. After you submit the evaluation, they will email your certification to you.

NOTE: Your certificate of completion from CARD is NOT the same as your CMDCP certification. If you signed up for the course only and wish to apply for certification after the course, you can upload your certificate using the “Grandfather option” on the CMDCP application.

Please direct any questions regarding certification, including renewal requirements, directly to ICCDP at iccdpcorporate@iccdp.net.

Check the ICCDP help guide for additional tips and solutions regarding enrollment and certification at www.iccdp.net/montessori-help.php.

For support with the Inquisiq MLS platform hosting the course, browse their Learner Manual here: www.inquisiq.com/sharedResources/Documents/Inquisiq%20R3%20Learner%20Manual.pdf

If you do not see your issue listed above, or if the solution did not resolve the problem, please send your full name, phone number, and a detailed description of the problem to Vince Antenucci at vince@cen4ard.com.