Discover how a Montessori approach improves engagement for both residents and staff, how applying social scaffolding and a deliberate developmental leadership approach leads to greater staff satisfaction and productivity, and recognize potential long-term benefits of adopting and sustaining a comprehensive Montessori-based approach within care organizations in this 6-hour live webinar.

Presented by:

Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., Center for Applied Research in Dementia
Gary Johnson, MSW, Monarch Pathways

Leaders in care communities are seeking effective organizational approaches to learning, growth, and development. They believe changes to traditional, old-paradigm service and management practices are vital to remaining competitive in an industry that rewards staff attraction and retention. The Montessori-based approach, introduced and developed by Dr. Cameron Camp, has been shown to increase resident engagement, independence, and quality of life. In addition, this approach has attracted motivated, talented, and dedicated staff at all levels. At the core of the Montessori-based approach are the values of respect, dignity, and equality for all human beings. When these values are embedded throughout an organization, it leads to true culture change for residents, management, and staff. Simply put, it is not enough to focus on person-centered resident care to produce culture change.

Examples will be presented from care communities which have been pursuing a comprehensive Montessori-based approach.

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This course is being offered to everyone at a discount price to offset the disproportionate hardship on the long term care community caused by Covid-19

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Agenda      June 18th, 2020

Section 1:          9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

  • Understanding Engagement
  • Describe vertical versus horizontal identity
  • Difference between satisfaction and engagement
  • Using key Montessori Principles to increase creativity and change as applied to employee engagement

Section 2:  10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

  • Specific Leadership and Engagement Strategies Based on Montessori Principles
  • Being Architects and Teachers
  • What are the support beams and rooms of your culture?

Section 3:  1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

  • Using Personality Lingo as a technique
  • Using Learning Circles as a technique

Section 4:  2:45 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

  • Moving to Coaching rather than annual reviews
  • Q & A

Approved CEUs (6 hours)

  • NAB/Administrators (#20210617-6-A67126-DL)
  • NCTRC/Recreational Tx (“This session content is CE Pre-Approved by NCTRC”)
  • NACCM/Care Managers (Approved provider #19-701CARD)
  • Ohio OTPTAT / Occupational Therapists (#161748)
  • NCCAP/Activity Pros (#NCCAP500876-21NT)
  • NCCDP/Dementia Care Pros
  • CEU Network / Nursing (click here for details)
  • Nevada Board of SW / Social Workers (pending)