The Center for Applied Research in Dementia is pleased to announce that the Montessori Dementia Care Professional Course is now pre-approved for 6 CEUs for Recreational Therapists from the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

The Montessori Dementia Care Professional Course is a 6-hour online course using video illustrations and real-world examples from across the United States of America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to develop an understanding of the applicability and effectiveness of a Montessori approach to dementia care. Upon completion of the course, dementia care professionals are able to immediately apply Montessori-based approaches and techniques to improve the quality of life for their clients and residents.

Recreational therapists, nurses, activity professionals, and administrators can all earn continuing education credit for completion of the course. Caregivers from any field are welcome to take the course to learn:

bullet Current models of care and the need for culture change
bullet Review of the care model consumers are increasingly demanding and expecting for memory
bullet Background and overview of the Montessori-based approach to providing a new model of memory care
bullet Demonstrations of how the Montessori-based approach makes person-centered care feasible and sustainable
bullet Emphasis on dementia as a disability and not a disease
bullet Enabling persons with dementia to utilize existing abilities to engage in personally meaningful activity
bullet Using Montessori approaches to engage persons with dementia in meaningful activity throughout the day
bullet Empowering staff in all departments to effectively engage with persons with dementia as part of an overall culture of delivering person-centered care
bullet Methods of creating supportive social and physical environments to support independence and meaningful engagement
bullet Enabling persons with memory impairment to be actively engaged with the outside world, their communities and culture
bullet Action planning for effective implementation and sustainability of the Montessori approach


Visit the Training page on our website for an overview of the process, and apply for the course directly with the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners at

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