The CARD QA Montessori Training App is a quality assurance measure designed to provide evidence that Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® practices and approaches provided in our training actually are being used with residents or clients. It allows observers to objectively assess application of training content, and to produce de-identified data that can be exported into spreadsheets for creation of reports.

The Montessori Training App is an excellent tool for:

  • Letting staff members do self-assessment of how well they are using Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® training content

  • Providing feedback to staff on their strengths and areas for continuing improvement

  • Documenting that applying training content is producing desired effects in terms of engagement an affect in clients and residents

Assuring that Montessori principles are implemented

The app provides three kinds of information. The first involves a quick check to see if the main Montessori principles are being implemented by a staff member when interacting with residents or clients. This is done using a quick “yes or no” check for each of the principles. The second kind of information involves the type of engagement seen in residents or clients when a staff member interacts with individuals or groups. The third type of information is called “Moment Capture.” This allows a quick observation of engagement and emotion seen in a resident or client at a particular moment. Using Moment Capture allows many residents to be assessed at one time, giving an overall picture of engagement and emotion for a program or neighborhood or community. Using Moment Capture throughout the day gives a picture of how much engagement is seen overall, as well as the amount of engagement seen in specific individuals at different points in time.

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