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Confidence, Crises & Change

By Vincent Antenucci Center for Applied Research in Dementia March 2019   In 1979 President Carter delivered a speech titled, “A Crisis of Confidence,” which was later called his “Malaise [...]

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Program for Alzheimer’s Disease

Program for Alzheimer's disease supports both those with memory loss and their caregivers THE PLAIN DEALER-August 13, 2012   Retrouver la mémoire des gestes LE MONDE-August 20, 2012

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Dr. Cameron Camp Interview with Lori Le Bey

In an interview with Lori Le Bey for her online radio show, Alzheimer Speaks, Dr. Cameron Camp discusses our new video, "Alzheimer Syndrome."

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Facing Dementia Series

Facing Dementia is a new 5-part series filmed in Singapore and premiering on Channel NewsAsia. This is an excerpt from the series synopsis: "With no cures for dementia, this series looks [...]

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SQR Magazine Article

In an article published by SQR Magazine, Dr. Camp discusses his work on the use of Montessori-based approaches to dementia care. Click here to view the article.

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Dr. Camp Interviewed by NPR

Dr. Camp was interviewed by NPR during his visit to London for presentations at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference and the University of Oxford. Click here to view the article.

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