The Center for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD) has partnered with The International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners global headquarters based in NJ, United States of America to provide a global Montessori Dementia course and CMDCP™ certification for our international health care professionals but also for health care professionals working in the United States of America. The course title is “Montessori Dementia Care Professional” and is presented by CARD. The ICCDP certification is called Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional™ CMDCP™. The CARD online course is 6 hours and upon passing the test, the qualified professional will be issued a CMDCP™ certification.

There are several tracks and qualification to follow for the CMDCP™ certification. ICCDP also offers a grandfather option for those who have already completed a comprehensive Montessori Dementia focused curriculum or have a Dementia Montessori certification from a national or international organization, CARD, or a University. For companies interested in investing in their staff education and certifications, both ICCDP and CARD offer corporate group discounts. There is also an option to skip the CMDCP™ certification and only complete the course for those who either do not qualify for CMDCP™ certification or are only interested in the Montessori Dementia Care Professional 6 – hour online course. Everyone will begin the application process at and select which option that best fits your needs. ICCDP also offers a grandfather option for those who have already completed the live CARD course presented by CARD staff that allows you to by pass the CARD online course.   Please see for the CMDCP application

While certification promotes and maintains quality, it does not license, confer a right or privilege upon, or otherwise define the qualifications of anyone in the healthcare field. We are responding to a need to provide access to basic concepts regarding the Montessori approach to memory care. CARD’s primary focus is on creating culture change within dementia care settings. This involves providing on-site trainings for organizations as part of a train-the-trainer approach for dissemination and sustainability of culture change and creating a resident-driven community model of care. On-site trainings include assessment of physical and social memory care environments, hands-on training experiences and demonstrations with memory care residents or clients, and development of action plans for creating Montessori-Inspired Lifestyle® credentialed communities. CARD offers credentialing for organization-specific trainers to facilitate this process. Contact us for more information.